Despite the quality of Ranqer gaming chairs, it may occur that you receive a defective item or an item with a defective part. Ranqer offers a 2 year warranty to all purchasing customers.


Terms and conditions for warranty

  • The warranty only covers new products purchased from an authorized dealer
  • The warranty only covers products that were assembled properly according to the instructions
  • The warranty period starts on the date that the item was delivered
  • A claim can be placed through the authorized dealer where you purchased your item from. After receiving the claim, Ranqer will inform the customer if the claim is covered by the warranty
  • Repairs are free of charge
  • If repairs are not possible, then the individual defective part will be replaced 
  • Depending on the situation, a customer may be charged for the cost of shipping


What our warranty covers

  • Factory defects on a newly purchased gaming chair


What our warranty does not cover

  • Wear and tear due to the aging of the materials
  • Wear of parts such as the wheels and mechanisms
  • Breakage due to improper assembly of the chair
  • Damage caused by animals
  • Damage caused by high temperatures and high moisture
  • Damage caused by fire and water damage or other situations out of our control
  • Chairs that fall outside of the 2 year warranty period


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