RANQER HALO RGB Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair



A good gaming chair is very important to be able to sit behind a screen for long hours. In addition to preventing back problems, you naturally want to keep your focus in game. With this revolutionary Ranqer Halo RGB Gaming Chair you will deliver better performance and dominate every single gaming session!

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Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
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Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair


Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair


The Ranqer collection

The spacious seat of Ranqer Halo RGB in combination with the sturdy materials provide the necessary comfort. The back of the Ranqer gaming chair is designed to the shape of your back. Your shoulder blades are better supported because of this.


Revolutionize your gaming set-up

The Ranqer chairs with RGB/ LED lighting allow you to choose from 6 base colours, has various impulse rhythms, and individual adjustability of the lighting speed and exposure. Revolutionize your gaming set-up and become the centre of attention at your LAN party or stream. The included remote is easy to operate, which means that you will not be distracted or hindered whilst enjoying your gaming session.

Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair


Perfectly ergonomic

The ergonomic features and the adjustability of the chairs help prevent back pain as you can individually rearrange the neck- and lumbar pillow. You don’t have to worry anymore about back pains after long sitting hours.


For every size

Model Halo has a tilt mechanism for upright to downward positioning and a height adjustment. The armrests are horizontally and vertically movable, so you can relax your arms without straining your back. The extended backrest and rearrangeable pillows allow people above 1.70m (5'5 ft) to sit comfortably. The advised height that is suitable for the Ranqer chairs is between 1.65m and 1.85m (5'4 ft – 6'1 ft). The high-quality chair base is designed to support a weight of up to 150kg (330 lb).

Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair



The gaming chairs of Ranqer are loved for their full body support and luxurious materials. In contrast to regular gaming chairs, the Ranqer Halo RGB is provided with a Nylon base. This special characteristic ensures more stability and prevents the chair from creaking when you move a lot. After all, you can't afford distractions during the match of your life.



For the persistent, self-respecting gamer

Whether you work in an open office space, from home or in a private office, the Ranqer chairs are designed to look professional and provide comfort. Modern, sleek and affordable – three words which describe the Ranqer gaming chairs perfectly. If you want to look like a pro gamer or pimp up your office, you will find a suitable (gaming) chair for you. Beside the incredible support they provide, the Ranqer chairs look modern and timeless.


It is everyone’s personal preference whether their optimal office chair is black or colourful. Choose the model Felix, Felix Office, Carbon or Performance for a simple yet elegant look. Those who enjoy a little colour in the office or some special effects can choose for one of the RGB / LED lighting chairs such as the Aura and Halo models. The PU leather gives the chair an elegant and luxurious look and is low in maintenance. However, we do advise you to take good care of your chair to guarantee longevity.

Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair

Our strengths

Highly ergonomic
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Inspired by racing
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair
Dutch design
Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair


All Ranqer chairs are made from durable, high-quality PU leather to guarantee longevity. They all have a tilt mechanism for upright to downward positioning and are height adjustable. The Ranqer gaming chairs also have a nylon base, this means that you will not be distracted by the creaking sounds that a metal base usually makes. Furthermore, the base comes with (coloured) accents that also have an anti-slip material which you can rest your feet on.

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Neck pillow: (W) 32 x (H) 20 x (D) 9 cm | 12 x 8 x 4 inches
Lumbar pillow: (W) 34 x (H) 20 x (D) 9 cm | 13 x 8 x 4 in

Adjustable backrest: 90-180°
Backrest width: 54 cm | 21 in
Backrest length: 82 cm | 32 in

Adjustable armrests 2D: 8 cm | 3 in
Armrest to armrest: 68 cm | 27 in
Armrest lowest to highest: 60 – 78 cm | 24 – 31 in

Min. seat height: 45 cm | 18 in
Max. seat height: 55 cm | 22 in

Seat surface width with side: 54 cm | 21 in
Seat surface width without side: 38 cm | 15 in
Seat surface depth: 50 cm | 20 in

Wheelbase diameter: 73 cm | 29 in

Max. weight: 150 kg | 330 lb
Chair weight: 20 kg | 44 lb

Dimensions chair: (W) 68 x (H) 128 -138 x (D) 72 cm | 27 x 50 – 54 x 28 in
Delivered in box, dimensions box: (W) 85 x (H) 28 x (D) 65 cm | 33 x 11 x 26 in
Built-in RGB lighting (dimmable and 7 different settings)

Ranqer Halo RGB gaming chair